Top 6 science related careers for foundation in science students

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Below are some of the science-related careers that are obtaining high demand in the workforce that any foundation in science Malaysia students could consider to add into their future selections with the worldwide average salary. 

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Clinical technician

Opening with an average beginning salary of $35,771 per year, a clinical technician is also known as a clinical lab technician. Their main professional focus is to analyse organic samples with specialised tools tailored to identifying abnormal signs of disease, and infections or inspecting other medical conditions. Clinical technicians also support physicians by logging in the testing results for the patients to see and understand while receiving consultation from the doctors, making them an essential part of the patient care system. 

Forensic science technician

Forensic science technicians, their average opening wage is $50,143 each year with a primary duty of collecting evidence and specimens from crime scenes to support the inspecting and detecting process of the related authorities. Upon arriving at the crime scene, a forensic science technician will take photos of evidence, take notes on findings, generate sketches, and catalogue items. Facilitating effective and organised management of the case. Additionally, forensic science technicians also work in laboratories to test evidence from organic to chemical specimens, identify DNA and compare the results with the available database. Allowing law enforcement to make connections within cases and solve the crime. 


Beginning with around $65,786 when their basic duties are to analyse and generate reports on microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites. Therefore, they also take responsibility for designing research projects and procedures, collecting and organising samples, observing and testing collected specimens, as well as reporting on findings and publishing research. Hence, allowing them to play a vital role in sectors such as vaccine development, improving medical processes, and creating better crops. 


Starting with an average salary of $75,897 is quite a high number when compared with the above-mentioned careers. This is due to the fact that they have to study the reactions and interactions between and of organic and inorganic substances. This requires them to be responsible for testing chemicals in certain conditions, mixing chemicals, using as well as developing processes to manage and test chemicals and reporting on the findings. Depending on the organisation they work for, they may develop products, medications or chemical processes for healthcare organisations and manufacturers.


With an average number of $81.281 every year, a biologist would have to study organisms to gain a comprehensive understanding of how they could impact and impacted by the surrounding environment with other elements playing the stakeholder role. Biologists could be divided based on their specialisation, like wildlife biology. But these professions share the same identity of studying organisms in a lab or under microscopes, conducting experiments and logging observations. They may test medications, processes and environmental changes on organisms to improve products, medications or tests.

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