Benefits of fume hood in your lab

In a laboratory, a good laboratory environment is a prerequisite for conducting a successful experiment. In the laboratory, scientists have to deal with many chemical gases and chemicals. If there is no air circulation in the laboratory, a good laboratory environment, the experiment will not be able to achieve results, and the scientists will be contaminated by chemicals and cause internal damage or disease. Therefore, the use of fume hood in the laboratory is very necessary. If you are thinking about purchasing fume hood for your lab, and looking for a fume hood supplier in Malaysia, you may contact MYLAB for more information. However, if you still don’t know why you should use fume hood in the lab, the following article will introduce you to the possible benefits of using fume hood in the lab.

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Why should you need fume hood in your lab

Reduce the concentration of harmful gases: Harmful gases are gases that are harmful to humans or polluting to the environment. If you breathe in harmful gases in the laboratory, they can be harmful to your health. However, there are a lot of substances containing these gases in the laboratory. This is to ensure the effectiveness of the experiment. This may cause the concentration of harmful gases to exceed the standard. This requires the laboratory in the use of the process of suction and discharge of harmful gases out. The use of fume hood to quickly adsorb harmful gases, then you can avoid the deterioration of air quality caused by the volatilization of these harmful gases away, but also to reduce the concentration of harmful molecules to a certain extent.

Effective air purification: The suction power of the fume hood can effectively discharge the grease in the air, and the grease can be quickly blown out by the wind after it is discharged into the air. These fumes are harmful to the human body, and if not properly discharged, they can pollute the environment and may cause some harm. Therefore, in order to operate better, to be more environmentally friendly and to avoid dangerous gases and environmental pollution, you can add a deodorizer or purifier to the fume hood to ensure that the fumes emitted into the air can be completely absorbed without secondary pollution. However, it is worth noting that these purifiers are usually only applicable to large labs.

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Increasing laboratory life: The life of a fume hood depends on the complexity of the equipment and the cleaning technique. In the case of simple fume hoods, clogging can easily occur after a certain period of time, leading to a significant reduction in service life. This will make the service life of the laboratory is also affected. The use of energy efficient automatic cleaning fume hood equipment will greatly reduce the cost of routine cleaning and maintenance work. In addition, for all kinds of equipment may be damaged and cannot be used, which in addition to extending its service life, but also to a large extent to reduce the damage caused by the loss and danger.