Cutest Low Maintenance Pets for Workaholics

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It becomes a painful compromise when you love your work but you are also dying to have a pet around. Running MLM business software, a creative agency, or any other company, you are in for a lot of stress and minimal free time. But success is when you learn how to enjoy your free time and maximize it. 

But as a working man or woman, it is hard enough to take care of the people around you much less another fuzzy animal. But a fuzzy animal can increase your quality of life and make you even more productive. But is it fair to bring in a cat that requires a lot of love, and you are not able to give it? By now, this is a question of your own morale. 

If you are a workaholic looking for your perfect fuzzy partner, here is a list of low-maintenance pets you can take care of in your life. 

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  1. Dogs 

It’s okay to want a dog but not having enough spare time to give them love constantly. There are some dog breeds that are perfect for people who are busy and need a pet that’s low maintenance. For example, pugs are perfect dogs for those who are busy workaholics. Greyhounds and Newfoundlands are also perfect for a working adult. People say that Newfoundlands are one of the patients and independent dogs to adopt and look after. Some dogs require exercise and playtime all day around while others just need grooming maybe once a week and short periods of playtimes. 

  1. Cats 

Cats are playful, fun, and extremely independent creatures. Keep them fed and surrounded with scratch posts along with various toys, you will be set for a pet that looks forward to your arrival after work. They are also great at taking care of themselves and they love their own personal space. They have a lifespan of around 13-18 years and you can have a lifetime with them as your partners. Cats are a lifelong commitment but they are easy to take care of and lovely to do so as well.

  1. Turtles

Turtles are great to have as pets. They are easy to take care of even if they are not cuddly. But it is important you very well understand how unique and special they are before adopting them. I emphasize adoption because selling turtles can be illegal in some states and countries. Turtles come in various sizes so do research on the type of turtle you are adopting as well. Turtles also have quite a long life span, they can possibly outlive you. With all that in mind, turtles can be easily taken care of. They don’t need to be fed at all times but they need space to roam around have a clean hygienic aquarium for themselves. They are lovable and have their own personalities. So in your free time, make sure you get to know their habits and their personalities. 

Other animals that are similarly low maintenance also include small birds and even rabbits. But make sure you do your research before choosing to adopt or buy a pet of your choice. Not all species of the animal are suitable for your timings and availability. 

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