Essential Breastfeeding Accessories Every New Mom Needs

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As a new mom in Malaysia, breastfeeding can be an overwhelming experience, but with the right accessories, it can be made much easier. Here are some essential breastfeeding accessories that every new mom needs.

Breastfeeding Pillow

A breastfeeding pillow is a must-have for every new mom. It provides support to your baby and helps you maintain a comfortable position while feeding. The breastfeeding pillow at Lansinoh Malaysia is a popular option among new moms, as it is designed to fit all body types and has a machine-washable cover.

Breast Pump

A breast pump is an essential accessory for every new mom. It is an efficient way to express breast milk, especially if you need to go back to work. Breast pumps are also useful for relieving engorgement, which can cause discomfort and pain. There are different types of breast pumps available in Malaysia, such as manual, electric, and battery-operated. It’s best to do some research to find the type that will suit your lifestyle and needs.

Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are another essential breastfeeding accessory that every new mom needs. They help to absorb any leaking milk and prevent embarrassing leaks. Nursing pads can be disposable or reusable, and both types are widely available in Malaysia. Reusable nursing pads are environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run.

Nipple Cream

Breastfeeding can cause nipple soreness and pain, especially in the early stages. Nipple cream can help to soothe and heal sore nipples. It’s essential to choose a cream that is safe for your baby and made from natural ingredients. There are several brands available in Malaysia that are safe and effective.

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Nursing Cover

A nursing cover is a useful accessory that every breastfeeding mom should have. It provides privacy and helps you feel more comfortable when breastfeeding in public. There are several types of nursing covers available in Malaysia, such as apron-style covers, scarf-style covers, and poncho-style covers. Choose one that suits your style and preference.

Breastfeeding-friendly Clothing

Breastfeeding-friendly clothing is essential for nursing moms. They make it easier to breastfeed discreetly and comfortably, especially when you are out in public. There are several types of breastfeeding-friendly clothing available in Malaysia, such as nursing bras, nursing tops, and nursing dresses. It’s important to choose clothing that is comfortable and easy to access for breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural experience, but it can also be challenging, especially for new moms. With the right accessories, however, breastfeeding can be made easier, more comfortable, and enjoyable. Breast pumps, nursing pads, nipple cream, nursing pillow, nursing cover, and breastfeeding-friendly clothing are some essential accessories that every new mom needs. By having these accessories, you can be prepared for any situation and enjoy a more comfortable and successful breastfeeding journey.

In conclusion, every breastfeeding mom in Malaysia needs these essential accessories. By investing in these accessories, you can ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable breastfeeding experience. Remember to do your research, choose products that are safe and effective, and most importantly, enjoy the beautiful bonding experience of breastfeeding with your baby.