Make A Plan To Be Active While Pregnant

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The benefits of being active while pregnant are many, but the most important ones are being physically and emotionally healthy for both you and your baby. Physical health during pregnancy is important for both you and your baby because physical activity helps to keep you fit and healthy. Pregnant women who are inactive or who engage in low-intensity exercise have a much higher risk of developing preeclampsia, a dangerous condition that can lead to premature labor and serious birth defects. In addition, being active reduces the risk of developing gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and other complications during pregnancy.

Emotional health is also important during pregnancy. Regular physical activity has been shown to improve moods and reduce stress levels. Active pregnant women also have a decreased risk of experiencing depression later in their pregnancies. Being active during pregnancy helps to ensure a healthy delivery for both you and your baby. By following some simple guidelines, you can easily make a plan to be active while pregnant.

What are the benefits of being active?

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A study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that women who were active had a 50% lower risk of having a baby with low birth weight than those who weren’t active.  And another study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that being active during pregnancy lowers the risk of premature birth by as much as 50%. Aside from the health benefits, being active during pregnancy has also been shown to improve mood and energy levels, decrease anxiety and depression, and improve sleep habits. Some tips and guides on pregnancy for expecting mothers to be active while pregnant is definitely something you should consider. When planning to be active while pregnant, it’s important to prioritize your comfort level and ability. Try some of these activities to see which work best for you:  A moderate amount of walking is a great way to maintain your pregnancy health and keep your body moving. Pregnant women who walk at least 30 minutes per day have a lower risk of preterm labor and other complications during their pregnancies. 

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 Prenatal yoga can help you relax and prepare your body for labor. Prenatal yoga classes often include breathing exercises, stretches, and strengthening poses that can help with pregnancy-related issues such as back pain, sciatica, and tension headaches.  Swimming is a great exercise for pregnant women because it helps improve circulation and build muscle strength. Swimming has also been shown to reduce the risk of preterm labor. Plan for your activity each day waking up early, scheduling workouts and exercise classes, etc. One of the best ways to stay active while pregnant is to make a plan and stick to it. Here are some ideas for waking up early, scheduling workouts and exercise classes, and more: Wake up early each day and do something active before the rest of your day begins. This can be anything from walking the dog to stretching. It’s important to set a good example for your baby. Schedule regular workouts and exercise classes throughout your pregnancy. Not only will this help you maintain your physical fitness, but it’ll also give you time to socialize with other pregnant women. It’s also a great way to connect with your health care provider and get tips on staying healthy during pregnancy.