Study bachelor in science in Malaysia, is it good ?

images 3 - Study bachelor in science in Malaysia, is it good ?

For the students that want to study bachelor in science in Malaysia, it was a good thing for them. Why do international students choose Malaysia as the best place to learn about science? The cost of living is more affordable for them and also the Malaysian people. Usually the people who learn or continue their studies that relate to science will go to other places like more to western countries to learn it. There will be a high cost for living because if you stay there, the price for you to stay is higher. Also if you study bachelor in science in Malaysia, there will be more costs that you need to pay. 

For the people that study in science it mostly depends on scholarships or the family that is already rich can support the studies. That was the reason why many people want to study bachelor in science in Malaysia. One of the universities that had a really high quality of education exists in Malaysia. The university name is RCSI UCD Malaysia Campus. They are the one that students in and out of Malaysia want to study at because the qualifications for their certificate are high. 

Types of student 


This type of student is the one that really thinks that they are the best student. The reason why they felt that? It was because they are the type of student that always asks the question to the teacher. When the teacher needs help they will offer themself to help and they always don’t have tired time. The one that will shine in the class is them because they had energy that really burst for the whole class. Whether there are teachers or not they will make the class active. 

image - Study bachelor in science in Malaysia, is it good ?

There are some of their personalities that other people don’t really like. Which is when they keep asking the teacher and the class will be too long because of them. So the class will not like that kind of person because it was really hard to control them. Or they join all the clubs and think that they were the best students there, people will be annoyed when they see that. All the clubs want to win so when a gift is given people will get bored just to see the same face. 


This type of student is also famous in school because they are the ones that really study hard. They are also the ones that other people make fun of. Nerd students are mostly the students that really love to study. They will focus on study or academics more than sport. That was the reason why they are easy to bully because they don’t play sports so they don’t fit like other people. A nerd students will be the ones that fill the library because they think books are the ones that make them happy. Not like people that always make our emotion not stable. The intelligent one of course, all the knowledge about the subject or out of it. They already know because they love reading all types of books. In their hand they always had books.