Things to Consider Before Choosing The Best Type of Concrete

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When choosing something, you need to consider many things and so do concrete types. You can just blatantly pick one type and just go on with your project. The common types of concrete are normal strength concrete and light weight concrete Selangor. They all vary and serve different purposes, hence why the need to think thoroughly before making a purchase. All of the aspects needed are very crucial as they would determine the safety and success of your project. 

Different Types of Concrete

There are more than three types of concrete used in this industry, but we will get to know only three of them as of today. As we know, each one of them has different purposes and strengths, making them suitable to be used in either heavy-duty industry or commercial industry. These are some of the commonly used types of concrete:

Normal Strength Concrete

Also known as regular concrete, this type of concrete is the one you see in the neighbourhood whereas it is utilised for building. This is a standard kind of concrete and can be encountered easily. 

Lightweight Concrete

This type of concrete is known to be less strong than the normal strength concrete. However, they are also popular among construction companies because they have their own speciality. Lightweight concrete is suitable to be used for both indoor and outdoor constructions such as stairs, fences and so on.

High-Density Concrete or Heavy Weight Concrete

As the name suggests, they have a high density which is between 6000 to 6400 kg/cu. They are used for heavy-duty industries, where high density is needed. Mass concrete projects and radiation shielding are among the industries that would utilise this kind of concrete.

Before Choosing The Best Type for You

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Choosing the right type of concrete is vital and if the wrong one is picked, you will have to bear the consequences in many aspects, especially safety. There are so many things to consider before you really make up your mind. It is best to seek professional advice before proceeding if you are not familiar with this kind of matter. Even if you are in the industry, it is better to do so, unless you are experienced. Alright, let’s get into the real matter and find out what are the aspects that need to be taken into consideration:


Of course, you will need the best type of concrete that offers you this. Strength comes second after safety, but they are closely related. If they are known to be very strong and capable of handling disastrous events such as floods and bad weather, then they are reliable. Out of the types of concrete mentioned before, normal strength concrete is suitable to be used for household usage.


You need to be guaranteed a high-quality and top-notch type of concrete. It is best to get the one that is commonly used due to this aspect. You wouldn’t want to replace your premise structure every year because you chose the wrong type of concrete. Therefore, you need to think thoroughly about your need and if they are suitable to be used.


This aspect is crucial too, especially if you are just beginning to build your house or premise. Building a house would cost a lot of money and this too needs to be taken into your consideration.