What Needs Educating To Your Toddler

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Since the day you bought mother care products online Malaysia and gave birth to your baby, you did an excellent job in raising them until they grow up as a healthy, beautiful toddler. That is a milestone to be proud of, but now comes the time to introduce your toddler to the world.

If you are worried over what exactly you have to teach your toddler, fret not. There are a lot of subjects to cover, but you shouldn’t go all over the place to equip your child with knowledge so soon. Furthermore, not every kid learns at the same pace as others, so rushing is not an option.

Patience will reward you in the long run. 

New alphabets and words

Your toddler may already be capable of vocalizations at this point, and hopefully you also speak to him as naturally as conversations go whenever he makes noises at you. Now it is time to turn those babbles to actual, constructive words. Starting with the alphabets.

Get them familiar with both alphabets and accompanying single words, like A for apple or Z for zebra. This makes a two-in-one combo in terms of learning to speak in structured words. Once your toddler masters these two, you can move on to teach them to speak two words.

Questions, phrases and short sentences must be, well, short. “Want water?” or “look!” are a few examples you can teach. You should also help complete sentences. When your toddler says “want milk”, you should say “More milk?” or “I want more milk?”. Repeat these to your toddler until they can finally get the gist and speak in complete words.

Teaching with books

Books are one of the best ways to put their speaking skills to use. Even when you haven’t taught them the alphabet yet, it is still a good idea to introduce books to your child. They may not be able to “read”, but they will be fascinated by nice pictures. Be sure that the books are squarely aimed at toddlers and children.

When your toddler can finally speak basic sentences, they will discover that there are letters to read. If you see them reading out loud, this is good progress. Here, you can also chime in and describe pictures or ask questions about the book, such as a boy’s shirt color or how many dinosaurs are eating apples.


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Alphabets are just the half of speaking education. Now you have numbers to introduce. When teaching numbers by books, videos, or any other medium, include pictures. Number one should have one ant, number two has two shirts, three has three caterpillars, you name it.

You can also apply this education to real life objects. For instance, you can count fries on their plate with them or the steps of your staircase when they are going up or down.

Like alphabets, you should also teach them the order of numbers, starting from one to ten. When counting objects with your toddler, correct them if they say two tables at your single coffee table or miss some six biscuits, counting only three.