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We are talking about 13 million users who surfed on average for an hour and 17 minutes per person per day. Italian users are particularly active, with greater use by the male audience (57%, 7.3 million), closely followed by women (43%, 5.6 million). For the best internet you can check out the top pick for Time fibre Malaysia.

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The Right Age Group

The age group that uses it most consistently is that between 35 and 54 years (48%), also thanks to work needs, while the over 55s follow closely. Today, online activity covers a spectrum of an increasingly vast activity ranging from moments of leisure, such as reading a newspaper or consulting a social network, to work commitments that involve call conferences, reading e-mails, the need to work in co-working.

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Performance of Italian corporate broadband and comparisons with Asian levels

The latest surveys have shown that the digitization of our country is recovering strongly: the relaunch is driven by the increasingly widespread use of the Cloud, which has become a fundamental working tool for many companies, and by navigation activated by tablets and smartphones. In fact, from month to month, navigation through these devices becomes more and more frequent, affecting an ever-increasing number of users, and is added to navigation via corporate broadband in the country. 

Despite these extremely positive data, there is still a lot of work to be done: in fact, the digitization of the country is held back by the digital divide, or the gap between those who actually have access to good corporate broadband in The country and those who have a slow connection, not very functional or even do not have access to the network. 

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Last Words

This situation still affects many companies, not only when it comes to broadband, but also and above all with regard to optical fiber. The data show us that 34% of Italians have never had access to the Internet due to poor quality networks, data that bring to light the gap with Asian countries.