What is fiber optics?

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Optical fiber happens to be a transmission average that contains a very fine thread of transparent factual through which pulses of light are sent that signify the data to be transmitted. It is the most advanced medium since it allows you to send a large amount of data at a higher speed.

When you arrive with fiber optics directly to your home, you will be able to enjoy a high-quality internet service, with a wide bandwidth, high data upload and download speeds and basic telephone services.

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What are the benefits of fiber optics?

High speed in data transmission that with Unifi internet package fiber optics speeds of up to 100 megabytes are reached.

Greater bandwidth: it allows a greater capacity when uploading content, audio and video, sharing large files, working in the cloud, making HD video conferences, watching HDTV, playing online.

Stability of the service: the signal is immune to external interferences (cuts, low speed, crossing with telephone conversations).

Excellent quality – better experience in the use of video calls, games, streaming audio and HD videos.

Security in the transmission of data.

Multiple device connection at once.

What is the fiber optic network used for?

Despite the general knowledge that people have of these types of networks, you are still not aware of how omnipresent fiber optic cables have developed. The laser-driven signals that are transmitted by these cables use to be buried under the pavement and even under the ocean floor. The technologies that use these cables are as varied as the light signals themselves.Computer network systems use to be a common use case for fiber optics, because of fiber’s aptitude of transmitting data and deliver high bandwidth. In the past, professional computers were connected over long detachments using ethernet cables or phone lines, but fiber cables have substituted those options because fiber-optic network computers are affordable, reliable, secure, and offer greater capacity. You would have to know all this if you were to be an IT specialist.