Are disposable or cloth Diapers better?

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Which one is better, disposable diapers or cloth diapers that everyone calls baby napkins? There is a lot of diapers brand for baby out there and also various size of disposable diapers. There must be pros and cons between these two products that some parents might not know about baby napkins Malaysia.

Disposable Or Cloth Napkin Are More Convenient

First of all,  we all know that disposable diapers are more convenient for a mother rather than cloth diapers or baby napkins because they can be thrown after use. There is no need to wash it. But, not to forget that cloth diapers and baby napkins will be the savior if the disposable diapers stock at the home finish and the shop were closed.

Throw or Wash

Meanwhile, cloth diapers, need to be soaked and washed after using them. It does take some time for some mothers. They need to clean the stain and they need to wait for the cloth to get dry. Cloth diapers also would take some time to change it. If the baby uses disposable diapers, The mother could save time to change them. The mother also needs to bring more extra cloth diapers or napkins rather than disposable diapers.

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Skin Rushes

But some babies and kids would get skin rushes if they use disposable diapers. Their skin will get itchy and also for some kids red rash will appear on their skin. Moisture can be the perfect place for bacteria and it also may be the cause of skin irritation Using cloth diapers or napkins will make the baby more comfortable when it is made from cloth and it also will avoid skin irritation and any other skin diseases. Cloth diapers also are more breathable for a baby. 

Early Training

Cloth diapers also can be the earlier training for the baby to use the potty on their own.  With that, they will be aware of when they need to go to the toilet. Because here, they know, if they get uncomfortable, they need to use the potty. If they still use disposable diapers, it will become the reason why potty training got difficult for the baby. When the baby is too comfortable with disposable diapers, they will not know where is the right time they need to go to the toilet. Here, parents should be aware because it will make their child feel comfortable with the diapers instead to train them using the potty.

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Disposable diapers also get pricey day by day. The baby could change about seven to eight diapers per day. In a month, the used diapers will be about 240 pieces. It is such a waste. If cloth diapers were used, they could last long and it might be until a year if the mother took care of the cloth diapers. We could see here that cloth diapers would save more money rather than disposable diaper.


In the end, parents should take note of whether disposable diapers or cloth diapers would be more convenient for their child. It’s not about which brand is more good. It’s about how comfortable the child is with the diapers. Parents also should save their budget for other things. Their budget will be sufficient if they reduce the consumption of disposable diapers.