Making An Instagram Worthy Corner In Your Room

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Are you a fellow content creator? We, content creators, have a hard enough time getting our hands on the places we would like to create content at much less, how to get there. The world is full of beautiful places but the world is not exactly accessible right now. With the pandemic still looming over, content creators who earn their money with content are put in a great pickle. 

Those who bought their apartments or the dutamas condo for sale while traveling around to create content in their mind are now forced to take on a different perspective. 

With that in mind, we now understand the importance of a “creative corner” or rather an Instagram corner in our home for the purpose of content creation. Having a small or huge room in the Dutamas condo for rent should not matter. Because inevitably size is not what is needed for the content. It is how you utilize the tiniest space you have. Of Course, having a bigger and more airy condo or apartment might help a lot. 

But of course, there are so many things we can do even with what we have got. We don’t need a huge expensive budget for the Instagram corner. All we need is a little handiwork, a little strategizing, and we are good to go. 

Let’s dive into some tips and tricks to make this corner of your room in the Dutamas apartment for rent or wherever you are, Instagram worthy. 

Natural Light Or Incorporate Artificial Light 

Having natural light streaming in through the window created an illusion of airiness and spaciousness in the room. It can enhance the colors and make everything pop brighter as well. Natural light always looks better and softer on your camera, especially the early morning light. They make the perfect combination with the photographs. Incorporating natural or artificial light is a rule for many Instagrammers because they understand how lighting can change the entire feel and the vibe of the room. So your Instagram-worthy corner may not really be Instagram-worthy until it has light. 

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Get A Statement Item

What is the one statement product that can make all the difference in your pictures? For some, it is the throw pillow. For others, it is a white fluffy carpet. And maybe in other cases, it can even be a very beautiful chair. This statement product is usually huge and is used to compliment you and your content. 

Incorporate Little Decor Items

Little decor items also make all the difference in your photographs. They can give personality to your pictures and they bring different patterns, colors, and life. Little decor items could be anything you desire. It can be your favorite book. It can be your favorite scented candle from Ikea or anywhere. It can also be a vase filled with different flowers. Flowers, depending on the type and color can also make a difference in your pictures. So when choosing flowers, be sure to experiment with different ones every week to give something unique. 

Art And Plants 

Plants are life. They give life to you and your pictures. they can make your room feel fresher and inviting. As for art, art goes great with the plants you incorporate. They complement all the colors in the room and make your room vibrant. They give something engaging to your Instagram corner and this comfy corner can be adorned with plants. 

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