New Things To Try With Your Partner

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Whether you’ve been with your partner for 2 weeks, months or years, both of you surely want to keep that spark alive. Remember that every relationship is different and not every single one is going to last till death do us part. So, go with your own flow in the relationship. Trust each other and don’t give each other reasons not to be trusted. Moreover, don’t compare your relationship to other people’s. This is because as are all relationships, every person is different. Thus, just because you see someone else’s partner doing something, do ask your partner why they’re not doing that same thing. You cannot expect your partner to know everything about you. That is the point of the relationship anyway. It’s to get to know each other better, see every flaw and every inch of each other’s beauty.

art of dating - New Things To Try With Your Partner

Now back to the topic, what if you’ve already gotten to know each other and don’t know what to do next? You wouldn’t want the relationship to go dry or anything. Surely, if you really love this person, and if the person loved you back, you’d want to make things work anyway. So, to keep that spark going, you should try out new things with your partner. Remember that both of you have to be comfortable with it, though. If either of you is uncomfortable, consider not trying it for each other’s sake. If neither of you knows what you want to try out, then let me recommend a few things to nudge you a little:

Get Sex Dice

Sex dice are one of the sexiest things you can add to your relationship. Basically, they are dice that are labelled with instructions or actions that would heat things up. One of the dice would be labelled with the actions and the other would be labelled with different body parts. On a roll, you could get “lick” and “neck”, so, you’d have to do just that. This would definitely heat things up so that you and your partner could enjoy a fun and sexy night together.


BDSM is a little risky for people who are trying it for the first time. However, if you are careful and did enough research, surely everything would go smoothly. BDSM is tricky too because there is a fine line between rough sex and abusive sex. Obviously, we do not want abusive sex. Thus, do your research and make sure that both of you are willing and give consent to trying BDSM together. To make it even more intimate, you could place some scented candles around your room. 

Add Sex Toys To The Picture

People usually think that couples don’t need sex toys since they have each other but I beg to differ. Sex toys would add so much more to your sexual relations. For instance, normal vaginal penetration is good and all but when you add a vibrator and stimulate the clitoris, you’ll be enhancing your partner’s orgasm and she might even ejaculate. Sex toys aren’t for heterosexual couples only too, you could get a double-sided dildo if you are in a lesbian relationship. Since we’re in a pandemic, you could order sex toys online Malaysia instead of going out to buy them. Surely, you’d find what you’re looking for.