Ways To Become The Best IT Specialist

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Everyone knows that IT specialists are much needed in our society nowadays. Especially with a lot of the world has become digital. The thing is, people do not really see the beauty of being an IT specialist. Then again, you should pursue what you’re passionate about. This is because when you do what you love as a job, it would not feel like a job and you’ll love every day of your working life. 

So, if you feel a passion for everything digital, try going for an IT degree and pursue your goals! Once you have obtained a suitable degree, you can try to apply for jobs that you’d like. Remember that you have to know your worth and go for the best job choice available. To know your worth, you have to know yourself and what you’re good at. Only then you can try to apply your IT knowledge to help society. 

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Thus, let’s get into how to be the best IT specialist you can be:

1. Obtain The Suitable Degree

This is one of the crucial steps. Of course, to get any job nowadays, you would have to at least have a Degree in whatever you are trying to go for. Even if you claim you’re the best at what you do, companies would not want to risk it. Thus they need, somewhat, proof that you are capable of doing what you say you’re capable of. So, try to choose the best degree for you in order to hone your skills in the specific area you want to focus on and go on into the working world with a bit more ease.

2. Know Your Specialty

Okay, you have to know that it will be hard to specialize in everything about IT. IT is really diverse and if you dabble in everything within IT, you would not be specialized in anything and your value kind of goes down. To be the best, you would have to be an expert in something. You could try to master multiple parts of the IT world but do it one at a time. Like master one then the next. This is because if you are trying to master multiple aspects of IT at a time, then what would you specialize in? This would make it hard for companies to see what you’re actually good at and see your potential. For instance, you could specialize in penetration testing so that you could apply for a job at the best pentest company in Malaysia. Thus, specialize in one specific area and become an expert in that first! 

3. Gain Experience 

Once you’ve obtained your degree and chosen what area you want to specialize in, now is the time for you to increase your experience. Start small and know that you might not like where you start but you have to, in order to finally be with your dream job at your dream company. Most of the time, to obtain the job that you like with good pay, the company will look at your experience. For positions with good pay, companies would most probably be looking for people with one to three years of experience. This assures the company that you are applying for would be hiring the best choice they could. Plus, with good pay, you’d have to show good work. That includes workflow as well as work ethics. 

4. Connect, Connect And Connect!

One of the ways you could climb up to achieve your goal is, aside from gaining experience, to gain connections within the industry. Some bosses would feel more comfortable hiring someone that they know through another person than just a random stranger. They would be assured of your skills and your experience as well. So, any chance you get, make connections.

Keep in mind that it will take time for all of this. Unless you are the Gatsby of IT, you are not gonna turn into the best IT specialist overnight. So take your time, go at your own pace and just try your best. I’m sure that you will get to achieve whatever you put your mind to. Even to be the best IT specialist there is.

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