The Types Of Sex Toys For Men

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Whenever you mention sex toys people often associate them with women. Women usually use sex toys because it takes more time and patience to pleasure them. Their partners often lack the skills needed to pleasure them, so they use sex toys. Plus, their use of sex toys are represented in media more often than other people.

However, everyone can use sex toys, no matter the gender or sexual orientation. If you are here because you are a man in need of a sex toy, look no further. This article will discuss the sex toys for men and their purposes.

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Men can use sex toys as well. Your pleasure centre is not limited to your genitalia. You are able to feel pleasure and achieve climax from many areas of your body such as your nipples, chest, butt and nape. Another area that can deliver the same pleasure you feel from your genitalia is your anus. This is because your prostate is located near the anus, it is equivalent to the G-Spot of your female counterpart. If you want to feel double the pleasure, you can stimulate your prostate and genitalia simultaneously. 

Here are a fee sex toys you could add to your pleasure sessions.


Dildos are not only for women. Men can use them as well. These sex toys are designed to immitate the phallic region of a man. It is used for penetration of the orifices in our body. You can penetrate your anus, or your mouth with it. Dildos come in various colours, lengths, girths and textures. Yes, you heard that right, textures. Some dildos are built to imitate the veins present in a penis, to ensure the real experience. Other than that, some dildos vibrate as well, so you can feel that extra pleasure. You can stimulate your prostate with a dildo by changing its vibration intensity, or changing the pace of its use. Remember to purchase some lubricator with it, to smoothen the process of inserting it.

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Pocket Pussy 

Next, you have the pocket pussy. This item is usually for men who identify as heterosexual and are attracted to women. A pocket pussy functions just as it is described. It is a portable device that is shaped and feels like a woman’s genitalia. The toy also comes with lips shaped to imitate the labia lips of a vagina. You can use it by inserting your penis into it and thrusting into it. The sex toy was built to allow men to feel as though they are with a woman. Although the warmth is absent, it still feels like a vagina is embracing your penis.

Cock rings

Another popular sex toy for men is cock rings. These are rings that fit your penis and vibrate intensely at different speeds. These rings allow you to feel intense orgasms that you have never felt before. The toy becomes more fun when it is controlled by an application. It will be interesting to use when you want to be surprised by your partner. 
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